Terra Rotating Spring Vise + Base

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A step up from that starter vise. 

Heavy Durable base, with option to use the clamp as well.

Sold together. 

The Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise is easy to use, just squeeze and release. The spring action jaws securely hold the hook in place. This vise is a great choice for anyone tying a lot of large flies such as bass flies or saltwater flies since it firmly holds hooks as large as 4/0 while still working great with hooks as small as size 20. The extra-large c-clamp fits even on thick tables.

  • Spring action jaws
  • Specially hardened steel jaws
  • Adjustable jaw angle
  • Deluxe combination of brass and no glare black finish
  • Extra wide table C-clamp
  • Fully rotatable
  • 3/8-inch vertically adjustable stem