Regal Medallion Vise C Clamp Base

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Available with Traditional Head, Shank, Midge or Big Game. 


Regal Medallion Series Traditional Jaw Vises rotate 360 degrees and pivot 220 degrees up and down. The Traditional Jaw has been the standard jaw and the workhorse of Regal fly tying equipment for many years. The performance of these vises lies in the unique design of the head and jaws. The Regal Medallion Series Traditional Jaw Vises consistently hold hooks sized from 22 to 1/0 extremely well with absolutely no adjustments required. This is a great feature when tying multiple different sized flies in a sitting. You can tie a size 18 dry fly and then tie a size 1/0 bass popper without needing to adjust the vise, saving you time and frustration.

Regular head for hooks Sz 22 to 1/0

Midge head For hooks Sz 32 to 6

Big Game head for hooks Sz 22 to 5/0

Shank head for shanks, tube pins, and hooks Sz 16- 1/0

Custom color fee is $35 more than traditional black