Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit 10FT 3WT

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Get started Euro-nymphing in this ready-to-fish, value-priced outfit. Designed in Vermont as part of the best fly-rod series you can buy for the money, the Clearwater 10' 3-wt. Fly Rod is specifically built to enhance European-nymphing tactics. Its light sensitivity and reach make it the perfect rod for maintaining contact with a multiple-fly nymphing rig. Plus, beyond Euro techniques, the rod can also be used to fish a single dry fly, dry/dropper rigs, or even nymphing with a strike indicator. The Clearwater 103-4 coupled with a Tactical Nymph line is an exceptional outfit offering reduced line sag and better contact for quicker reaction to subtle takes.


Outfit includes the Clearwater 103-4 Rod, Clearwater II reel, Tactical Line, Tactical Nymph Leader with integrated tri-color sighter with tippet ring, and a rod/reel case.