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Beginner Fly Fishing Package

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Good news there are no wrong answers.  You are not going to make a mistake.  The first step in fly fishing is to get a fly rod, reel, and line. 

We hope this helps you select your first fly rod for yourself or as a gift. 


WE RECOMMEND A 4WT or 5WT fly rod for your first rod here in Iowa and for most panfish and trout situations anywhere you might be fishing. 

We Don't sell Junk.  Our opening price packages start at around $200. 


If you don't know what to do we recommend you purchase a $300 beginner package.  Or $500 Upgraded beginner package.  Both allow the new angler to get a few extra things they will need to get on the water. 

Don't forget we give free casting and knot tying instruction.


Package 1 -Echo Lift 8' 4WT Rod with Echo Base Reel and Orvis Clearwater Fly Line. $199 

Package 2-Echo Lift 9' 5WT Rod with Echo Base Reel and Orvis Clearwater Fly Line. $199

Package 3-Echo Carbon XL 9' 4WT With Echo Ion Reel and Orvis Hydros Trout Fly Line. $349

Package 4 Douglas Era 9' 5WT with Orvis Clearwater Reel and Orvis Clearwater Fly Line -$289

Package 5- Echo Carbon XL 9' 5WT  With Echo Ion Reel and Orvis Hydros Trout Fly line. $349