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Iowa Prairie - Pursuits

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A field guide to Iowa: rolling fields and great writers, quilters and farmers, historic architecture and up-and-coming cities.


Inside Wildsam Iowa Prairie, you’ll find the deep story of the Hawkeye State; insider tips from America’s foremost school for writers; a roadtrip to legendary baseball diamonds, epic country fairs and ancient monuments; guides to small towns and surprising cities; interviews with award-winning novelists, community leaders, shopkeepers, farmers and crafters; delightful miscellany from the archives; selective recommendations for finds across the state and trusted travel essentials.


128 pages, printed in the U.S.A

Back-pocket size, 4 x 6.5 inches

Featuring more two dozen local experts


Taylor Bruce


Zach Dundas


Ananda Walden

Contributing Writers

Claire Lombardo, Joe Blair, Tree Meinch, Courtenay Bouvier


Ethan Canin, Jan Weissmiller, Mike Draper, Zach Mannheimer, Akwi Nji, Jamel Brinkley, Margot Livesey and more


Alan Kahler