Rod & Rivet's Second Anniversary

Rod & Rivet's Second Anniversary

"The solution to any problem -work, love, money, whatever -is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be." - John Gierach 

On June 10th, 2018 we opened Rod & Rivet.

We were overwhelmed by how many people showed up to support us. Because of Rod & Rivet, I have hundreds of new fishing friends.

It was never in my long or short term plan to open a fly shop. Like so many of my fishing trips it just sort of happened. 

Over the past two years, the shop has been a place to share stories, to learn, to cast a new rod. The fly fishing community in Central Iowa is larger than I thought. I learn something new every week from our customers. 

2020 has been a complicated year here at home and around the world. It has urged us to focus on our health, value our neighbors and speak out for what we believe. Fly fishing won't solve the world's problems, but what it can do is allow for some escape into the natural world. It's not an "art form" or some higher level of being. It's just fishing and that's enough. 

I encourage you to get outside.

If you're an avid fly fisher, invite a friend to join you on the water. If you already fish and are interested in testing a fly rod, reach out to us. If you've always wanted to learn to fly fish, what are you waiting for? I love helping new people get out on the water. 

Fly fishing can be intimidating to those new to the sport and we at Rod & Rivet strive to provide good advice and great equipment.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have shopped with us, supported us and fished with us over these past two years. Laura and I truly appreciate you.

In honor of our 2 year anniversary, we're hosting a sale: Now through June 20th we are offering 10% off any order over $100. Use code FISH10 at checkout. 

Look for new summer hours and new brands coming soon.  

Stay healthy and see you on the water,