Wear a Watch

There are a lot of excuses for not wearing a watch, and none of them are any good: it gives me a tan line, I have a clock on my cell phone (cell phones aren’t water proof), I forgot it this morning; all bad excuses.  If wearing a watch isn’t a good idea then why do I get asked for the time multiple times everyday?  It also might explain why I am generally on time or early….I abhor being late.

When I was fourteen I bought a Skagen for $100.  I’m pretty sure that was all the money I had, and it was worth every penny.  Ten years later I still have it and wear it.  That Skagen has accompanied me to twenty states, nine countries, and three continents.  I have worn it to every important life event I have been a part of: weddings, funerals, and job interviews (of which I was only denied a job once).

It's been with me for ten years, and it isn't going anywhere soon.

It’s been with me for ten years, and it isn’t going anywhere soon.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I believe everyone should invest in a quality watch, and that doesn’t mean dropping two grand on a million jeweled movement chronograph.  $100 will buy you a lot of watch and give you some wiggle room as far as what you want your watch to be.  A digital watch gives you more options for timers and alarms, and are more likely to be accurate for the money, but I prefer analog watches.  After starting grad school I decided that wearing my Skagen in the lab everyday might not be a great idea, so I purchased a Timex Expedition. Timex makes great watches at a great price and in multiple styles.  If I were to ever buy a digital watch it would probably be a Casio G Shock.

It's nice to have a couple watches to match whatever environment you will be in.

It’s nice to have a couple watches to match whatever environment you will be in.

You will have to decide what makes the best watch for you: analog, digital, band, and battery are all relevant parameters.  Will you time your 5k? Or are you just trying to complete the look of a well fitting suit?  I can’t tell you what you should wear, only that you need to wear one.  If you already wear a watch please leave a note in the comments about what you wear and what you like about it.

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