Prairie Song Farm

Prairie Song Farm Iowa

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own trout stream? Now you can because Prairie Song Farm at Waterloo Creek, arguably the best mile of trout stream in Iowa, and possibly the whole Driftless Region, is for sale. The opportunity to own a property like this in Iowa is rare. First of all, the quality and size of this stream can only be compared to a handful of other streams in the state. Secondly, most of our trout streams are owned by the state or have permanent easements, so you will never be able to purchase them. Add to these factors the extensive restoration work that has been done to the land and water by Trout Unlimited, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Iowa DNR, and other volunteers to restore Prairie Song Farm and you can understand what makes this property unique. Still don’t believe me? Here’s what the New York Times had to say. Others are complimentary too.
The Gazette

Prairie Song Farm actually holds three trout streams on its 95 acres. In addition to Waterloo Creek you will find Duck and Brook Creeks. The latter was recently re-created after it was filled in during the early 1950’s. The underground spring feeding the small creek provides water that varies little from 50° F, even through the weather extremes Iowa experiences in a typical year. This makes it well suited to brook trout that were native to this area. According to Waterloo Creek surveys, you’ll find 4500 fish per mile, experience greater than 50 fish days, and catch plenty of brown trout between 14-20 inches. Below is a beautiful butter ball brown trout that taped 23 inches!

Iowa Brown Trout at Prairie Song Farm

Of course, this Prairie Song Farm also comes with a 3000 sq. ft, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, cabin with attached 3 car garage built in 2006. To a die-hard fisherman, the home is more of an afterthought. Though, if you’re seriously interested, it might help you seal the deal with your significant other. All this can be yours for $1.75 million. It’s certainly not undervalued, but I suspect there may be someone out there with the means that just has to have this property and won’t flinch too hard. Listing information, along with more pictures, can be found here.

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