Fly Fishing for Panfish

Yesterday I took a spontaneous trip to go fly fishing for panfish. I packed up my Filson duffel with gear, and threw my waders and boots in the plastic bin.  Armed with a 3 wt and 4wt I hit the road. I’d initially hoped to find some smallmouth bass, but high muddy water meant a change in plans. I ended up at a pond that has become one of my favorite spots this spring.  During the afternoon I caught over 25 bass, bluegill, and crappie.  My warm water fly selection was slim.  I started off with a wooly worm, and also used a pistol pete, clouser minnow, wooly bugger, and popper.  I broke my line on fish several times, so by the end of the day my options were limited.  The bluegill were good sized, and put up a nice fight.  I was surprised at what a good fight the crappie gave.  It has been awhile since I’ve gotten into them.  I spooked a big bass in shallow water, and had another good sized bass miss my popper twice.  The heavier flies like the pistol pete and clouser worked best with a quick strip retrieve.  Several fish were caught letting the fly sink and watching my line for the tell tale twitch of a fish.

Fly fishing for panfish can be a great way to introduce new people to the sport because there’s a lot of action. I plan on bringing a friend next time. Now, I just need to find more ponds like this one.

Fishing Gear. Filson Duffel. Orvis Sling.

The Road


crappie. panfish

fly fishing for panfish.


bluegill on fly rod

bass on wooly worm

fly fishing for panfish

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