Paint Creek Valley

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The opening of Paint Creek Valley adds 2.1 additional miles of publicly accessible trout water in Iowa. The property was purchased by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation a decade after the project was initially pursued, and now has been transferred to the Iowa DNR. It totals 368 acres of land in Allamakee County, just southeast of the town of Waterville along White Pine Rd and adjacent to the Yellow River State Forest.

Many conservation groups were involved in funding the project, including Trout Unlimited North Bear. I’m pumped to get out and explore this new stretch. I’ve fished upstream, and immediately downstream with success. There are some deep pools that likely hold big fish in those areas, and I imagine this new portion between them is similar.


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  1. DJ Williams April 22, 2016 at 8:58 pm #

    Spent 2 days on this new section of Paint Creek in late March 2016 right after the bad weather came thru NE Iowa. It was great fishing for holdover browns and some holdover rainbows. Did a lot of exploring/walking crossing the creek- all public. Loved it. Also hit French Creek after they got 6 inches of snow and videoed wild mayfly hatches and got one wild brown. Hit the Yellow River on the way home and it was great for wild browns. No biggies but lots, and a ton of exploring new water.

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