Trout Unlimited Art Show

North Bear Chapter 2014 2 300x200 Trout Unlimited Art Show









As the Vice President of the North Bear Chapter of Trout Unlimited, I’d like to invite you to our annual fundraiser this Saturday at Jasper Winery in Des Moines from 6:30-8:30PM.

We’ll have 25-30 pieces of fishing and outdoor related art on display. We’re giving away a bamboo fly rod as a door prize again. Silent and live auctions, hors d’oeuvres, and cash bar. Tickets are $25. Send us a message if you’d like a ticket, but can’t make the event. Last year we had 100 people attend, and raised $5000. That money went toward purchasing a permanent public easement at Patterson Creek, and new water adjacent to Yellow River State Forest. Help us make our goal of 150 people and $10,000 this year.

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Confirmed artists: Badaxedesign, justinsalemmeyer, MetalScapes by S.W. Huffman, Josh Udesen – Tightline Studio, Ron Dinsdale, Bill Eursland, and Tom Murphy.

Auction vendors:
Sage, Outcast, Rep Your Water, Filson, Driftless on the Fly, and more!

North Bear Chapter 2014 20 300x200 Trout Unlimited Art Show

North Bear Chapter 2014 3 300x200 Trout Unlimited Art Show

North Bear Chapter 2014 12 300x200 Trout Unlimited Art Show

Winter Scouting and Fishing

image3 e1419093414562 1024x781 Winter Scouting and Fishing

Winter trout fishing in Iowa is a unique experience. While Iowa trout streams typically aren’t overcrowded, they’re even less pressured when the mercury falls and deer season begins. I enjoy the quiet and the beauty of fishing this time of year. With this in mind, I made a recent trek to the NE corner of the state.

Iowa has a system of streams called “put and grow.” These special streams are on private land. They have been stocked with fingerling trout. Some receive yearly stockings, but I’m under the impression that some rely solely on natural reproduction. I caught wind of one such stream, and decided to give it a shot. Through lots of research I was able to track down several landowners to obtain permission to fish, though there were questions as to which sections actually held trout. It ended up being a gorgeous stream with decent sized water. I saw several fish, but didn’t stay long as there were deer hunters close by. Can’t wait to spend some more time here!

Most of this trip was spent fishing streams right along the Mississippi. The trout certainly were less active, but I found a few that were hungry. Dragging a small midge along the bottom of deep pools was the most productive tactic. The next method was slowly stripping or dead drifting a black woolly bugger. Fish were concentrated in the deepest pools.

It was fun to check out some new streams that I hadn’t seen before, and new portions of streams I had fished. With unseasonably warm temperatures it was a great time to be outside and enjoy the year round trout fishing that Iowa has to offer.

image e1419091804689 225x300 Winter Scouting and Fishing

image2 e1419091528742 225x300 Winter Scouting and Fishing

image1 e1419091714662 225x300 Winter Scouting and Fishing

How to Catch Big Bass

I love these text to video deals. Here’s my newest about how to catch big bass. Do you think they’re funny?

How to Catch Big Brown Trout

Enjoy my little video on how to catch big brown trout. Inspired by this guy (disclaimer- there is some bad language):

Trout Unlimited North Bear Fundraiser

North Bear FundraiserTrout Unlimited North Bear Fundraiser

troutunlimited full 300x200 Trout Unlimited North Bear Fundraiser

In September of 2012 I was staying at the Sportsman Motel in Dorchester, IA on a fishing trip. One morning at breakfast in the diner there, another fisherman walked in and we started chatting. His name was Dave, and he also lives in Des Moines. He told me he was a member of the Des Moines Trout Unlimited chapter. After filling up on eggs and hash browns we went our separate ways. The next morning at breakfast the scene replayed. Dave and I decided to fish together for awhile that morning before I headed back home. It was a beautiful day, and we both had success throwing hopper droppers to late summer brown trout. I packed up and said goodbye to Dave. He told me to attend the next TU meeting.

Fast forward 1.5 years later and I have joined the Trout Unlimited North Bear Chapter, and serve on the board as the chair for our fundraising and membership committees. I’ve seen the work that TUDARE projects have done for the region, including habitat improvement and stream bank stabilization on Waterloo Creek, and I want more of this work to be done in Iowa. If we don’t protect these streams from pollution and erosion, they’ll no longer be suitable for trout. That’s why I helped raise $2000 for our chapter last spring, and it’s why I’m organizing an even bigger fundraiser Feb. 8 at Jasper Winery in Des Moines. If you’re a trout fisherman, you definitely need to be there. If you’re not, I think you’ll still appreciate what we’re doing. We’re protecting our natural resources so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. That’s something everyone can get behind. For more information and to RSVP, please visit the Facebook event page.